Seizure Alarms

Batten disease patients commonly experience different types of seizures. These can occur at any time and can be dangerous if the patient is alone.

A seizure alarm is a device that detects seizures and lets someone know the individual needs help. Alarms can also be connected to a telecare service at a call center. In the event the alarm is activated, someone from the call center will contact the patient to make sure everything is all right or call a caregiver or emergency services if necessary.

Types of seizure alarms

There are different types of seizure alarms that detect different types of seizures. Some of them sense a convulsion, while others are triggered by a fall. There are also devices that can be set off by the person experiencing the seizure. This is especially useful if warning signs occur before the seizure starts.

Different types of alarms include:

There are other types of alarms that are not specifically designed to detect seizures in epilepsy patients but have useful features. For instance, fall alarms detect when someone falls to the ground. Baby monitors, which are also available as video monitors, are helpful if the seizures are accompanied by some kind of noise. GPS trackers let caregivers and family members know where an individual is. These items can be used in combination with an alarm that detects a seizure.

Things to consider when choosing a seizure alarm

When choosing a seizure alert system, it helps to consider which features are important for the patient.

  • The alarm should be able to detect the types of seizures the patient usually experiences.
  • Some alarms are optimized to detect seizures during sleep, and some are more suitable to detect seizures during the day.
  • Alarms detect different characteristics of a seizure. Some detect movement, while others identify sound or heart rate.
  • An alert system might give false alarms, so one with a lower sensitivity might help avoid these. However, the alarm should be sensitive enough to reliably detect a seizure.
  • Seizure alarms differ in cost and features, and it may take some time to find one with a reasonable price/performance ratio that includes all the necessary features.


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