Finding a Way to Embrace the Joy of the Season

I’ve always loved the Christmas season. But Christmas, like other holidays, can be hard because it delivers a stark reminder of what — and whom — we no longer have. And I can’t help but think about the fact that this will be my fifth Christmas without my sister.

How I Reclaim Anniversary Days From Batten Disease

My sister, Taylor, always loved All Hallows’ Eve. But the beginnings of blindness hampered Halloween fun almost a year before we knew she had CLN1 disease, or Batten disease. I remember that crisp, cool autumn night in 2005 almost like yesterday: Taylor often stumbled while trick-or-treating and occasionally…

6.2 Miles to Courage on Casco Bay

I didn’t have high expectations when I slipped into the crowd at the starting line of this month’s Beach to Beacon 10K race in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. After all, I hadn’t gone for a run in seven months following major ankle surgery. Instead, I spent most…