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Fat Molecule May Help Fight CLN3 Disease, Mouse Study Suggests

Treatment with galactosylceramide (GalCer) — a type of fat molecule —  improved motor function, reduced neuronal loss and increased lifespan in a mouse model of juvenile Batten disease, highlighting the potential of this approach as a possible therapeutic strategy. The study, “Exogenous Galactosylceramide as Potential Treatment for CLN3 Disease”…

Clinical Evolution of Batten Disease in Young Adult Siblings Described in Case Report

Long-term follow-up of two siblings with Batten disease unveiled symptoms of slowly progressive motor deterioration, persistent photosensitivity, and seizures without dementia, according to a case report. The case report, “Long-term follow-up of two siblings with adult-onset neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, Kufs type A,” was published in the journal Epileptic Disorders.