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Seizure Triggers and Batten Disease

Batten disease is a rare genetic disorder characterized by seizures, loss of vision, and a progressive loss of cognitive and physical ability. A seizure can be triggered by a number ... Read more

Batten Disease Prognosis

Batten disease is a rare inherited neurological condition. It affects compartments in the cell called lysosomes, which are responsible for the degradation of substances that are no longer needed. ... Read more

Batten Disease and Education

Batten disease is characterized by the progressive loss of nerve cells. It is caused by mutations in genes that encode for proteins that normally play a role in removing waste ... Read more

Batten Disease and Sleep

Up to 96 percent of patients with Batten disease experience some type of sleep problem. The most common sleep disorders experienced by those with Batten disease are waking in ... Read more

Batten Disease and Vision

Partial or complete loss of vision often develops in patients who have childhood forms of Batten disease, while it is usually preserved in those with adult-onset Batten disease. How is ... Read more